Rate Sheet Template

  • Created :Fri,08,2017
  • Last Updated:Wed,11,2017

In order to setup your own rate sheet template which will be sent to your customers please go to Company -> Settings.  



Browse your template and upload it. You can also download sample template.  

No of Header Rows: Enter the no of header rows you have in your template 

No of Footer Rows: Enter the no of footer rows you have in your template 

if no footer or header rows then just enter 0.




For example in below image header contains 2 rows and footer contains 2 row than you have to enter 2 and 2 in number of header rows text box and number of footer rows text box respectively.


Note : 

  • Only .xls and .xlsx formats are supported.
  • Rate Sheet Template will only be used when download format is Excel not csv.
  • Few excel controls are not supported in template e.g. Comment Box , Text Box. Also some colours may vary.